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Yanna Fabian





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Actor/Actress;Artist / Album Design;Producer (Music);Vocalist;Writer (words)

Alternative;Jazz;Musical Theatre



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Mar 11, 2020

Yanna Fabian


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Yanna Fabian (aka Jana Fabiánová) is a multiple award-winning singer and stage actress with many top level international credits in theater, film, TV and music (USA and Europe). She has released four solo albums. Her songs hit #1 on broadcast radio charts in Europe. She often performs with her husband and guitarist Dino Bose in their concept group THE INFINITE SEAS. She is also an author of self-help, science fiction and children's books, and paints in oil and acrylics.


Yanna's career launched in Europe in by winning Star Runway  /TV Nova/ nationwide TV talent contest. Shortly after she was signed by  music label EMI to release 3 solo albums. She won Best New Talent of TV  Nova, at Cesky Slavik Mattonni Awards as a singer/songwriter. After  landing a principal role of crown witness/suspect, in Bolero /Thriller,  directed by Award Winner F.A.Brabec, Czech TV/Bonton Films, Yanna became  a celebrity performer who was regularly cast in large professional  musical theater productions as a lead actress and singer, performing up  to 25 shows per month in Czech republic, Slovak republic, Spain, Germany  and Scotland. /National Theaters, 2000+ audience live stages/.

Due  to her Extraordinary Artistic Abilities and Accomplishments Yanna was granted Permanent Residency in USA. She's been cast in a number of  feature films and TV shows. She's cast as a female lead in Cold Feet A  Wedding Tale, /Romantic Comedy/ directed by multi Emmy award winner  Arthur Alan Seidelman as well as Torberg /Action Horror/ by Gunar  Hochheiden, considered for a female lead in John Dark /Action Thriller/  by Marc Morgenstern. Yanna enjoys being part of the team as a  co-producer or producer to help develop projects of quality content.

Yanna  studied stage & screen acting under FAMU /Czech film academy/  professor Eva Sadkova. She studied Stanislavsky, Meisner and special  cinematic techniques taught by director John Swanbeck /The Big Kahuna -  with Kevin Spacey, Danny Devito/. She also took workshops at the  American Academy of Dramatic Arts specializing in acting techniques for  sitcoms, soaps, thriller, romantic and commercials. Yanna is a  professional singer with a range of 3,5 octaves, experienced dancer -  jazz, musicals, contemporary and classical. She release 5 solo albums so  far, hit 3x #1. Yanna is SAG-AFTRA, FIA, British Equity and Grammy USA Voting member.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Shounak

Yanna Fabian

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