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DJ/Host (Radio);Radio Music Director;Radio Program Director

Blues;Country;Indie Rock


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Oct 23, 2022

Tim Board


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Tim Board is the owner of internet station Front Range Radio, and host of the weekly syndicated show Eye On Jamz, and writer for ION Indie Magazine. Front Range Radio streams 24/7 featuring indie artist from a variety of genres. Eye On Jamz is syndicated on stations in the US, UK, Canada, and New Zealand. ION Indie Magazine is an on-line publication featuring indie musicians, interviews, and concert photography

There are many talented and incredible musicians around the country today that you cannot find on mainstream radio.  These musicians are just waiting for that one break that will take them to the next level.  Front Range Radio is here to provide greater exposure to these artists by giving them an outlet to talk about their shows, their music, their background, their influences and of course play some of their music so that even more people can discover them and enjoy the music they create. 

The goal is, not only to introduce the music of these musicians to new listeners, but also help the listeners learn more about the musicians themselves

Front Range Radio is a 24/7 music festival for your ears as we play a variety of genres.  Whether its Blues, Pop, Rock, Country, or Americana, they all have a home on Front Range Radio.  Listen for yourself, you might just find your next favorite artist.  If you do find an artist you like, please follow them on their social media sites.Share your discover with others on your social media.  It helps when listeners share new discoveries. 

Great music is out there, beyond what is heard on the radio.  Let’s discover it together!

Tim Board

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