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Michael Petit





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Comedian; Host (Television); Lyricist; Songwriter

Adult Contemporary; Country


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Aug 24, 2022

Michael Petit


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A 30 year entertainment professional, Michael’s unbridled energy is infectious and hilarious. Born and raised in Massachusetts, his career started in the Boston radio market and has blossomed as a national headlining comedian, On Camera personality and public guest speaker. After moving to Hollywood and performing as a regular at the legendary Comedy Store, as well as performances in Las Vegas, and numerous TV appearances on Comedy Central, ESPN and NESN, Michael's trademark high energy and winning personality make every event and performance exceptional as a true professional entertainer. He's also a songwriter and lyricist - a man of many talents!

After many years of traveling as a professional entertainer in LA, Vegas and around the world, New England-based Michael Petit developed  passion for creating memorable hooks for various musical genres. He began in the radio/music industry in the 1980s, and was very fortunate to work with established talents in both TV and the movie industry. Michael is an energetic, humble performer who appreciates all types of talent, and he always looks forward to meeting like-minded musicians.

Michael Petit

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