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Mi Elle Francesca





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Dancer; Songwriter; Vocalist

Fashion; Film; Pop

Drums; Guitar, Acoustic; Keyboards; Percussion; Piano; Ukulele


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Oct 24, 2022

Mi Elle Francesca


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Rhode Island-based Michelle Blanding (aka "Mi Elle Francesca") plays around with instruments, writing and recording her own songs. She is working on her first music video, also performing at open mics. She's an edgy, eclectic singer songwriter with influences like Led Zeppelin, Sister Rosetta Thorpe, Lady GaGa, Madonna , Barbara Streisand, Blondie, Heart, Eminem , Snoop Dog, Biggie Smalls, Elton John, John Denver and many more. She loves to write and sing, and make the songs in studio on the spot! She's working on her first video and CD slated for 2023/24, and more songs are coming. Check out her jazzy singing video to my dog Iset on YouTube.

Mi Elle Francesca

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