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Contemporary Instrumental;New Age;Spoken Word

Piano; Saxophone


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Max Highstein


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UNEXPECTED: Max Highstein’s music often defies expectations, with catchy, well defined melodies, careful orchestrations, and virtuosic performances. Let’s not call it “New Age” music, shall we? Let’s think of it as “Contemporary Instrumental Music.”

PIONEERING: Highstein was an early experimenter with sound healing. His 1984 recording, 12 Cosmic Healers, corresponded musical key signatures with specific parts of the body.

INNOVATIVE: Max Highstein’s music helped launch the NAC (New Adult Contemporary/New Age Contemporary) radio format of the late 80’s and early 90’s: Virtually every cut from his albums TOUCH THE SKY AND STARS were in heavy rotation on the syndicated “The Wave” radio stations.

Max Highstein Tends To Do Things Differently

Take his music, for example. You’ll find soprano sax in many of the tunes, but it’s not jazz. And you’ll find cello in a lot of the tunes, but it’s not classical. You’ll find some synths, pads, bells, and various mystery sounds, but it’s not really New Age. (Then what really is it? It’s music, silly!)

Max received a BA in Music (jazz piano) from Goddard College. Then an MA in Spiritual Psychology, and another MA in Counseling. (Not just one MA, two. See? Different.)

Then he starting making therapeutic guided imagery and music recordings. Instead of the home made sort of thing happening at the time, his were done with high production values. (Yes, again different.) His second, The Healing Waterfall, became one of the most popular guided imagery programs ever recorded.

Then he started putting his music front and center, featuring his keyboard playing, with woodwinds, strings, and percussion. His CD TOUCH THE SKY AND STARS was some of the most heavily played music on the New Adult Contemporary Radio format of the time. More followed.

His latest music album, GRATITUNES, was released in spring of 2020. It’s the best example of what his different approach can do. You should be listening to it right now.

A man can wear more than one hat, can’t he?

Read more about what Max Highstein has going on, on his website.

Max Highstein

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