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Marcus Hernandez





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Composer; Performer; Producer (Music)

Latin; Salsa; World


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Oct 17, 2022

Marcus Hernandez


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Marcus Hernandez is the leader of Orchestra Fuego, a sensational Salsa band that performs both original and familiar Latin songs with invigorating new arrangements. Based in Tampa Bay, Florida this twelve-piece live orchestra presents an ear pleasing and visually alluring performance that magnifies their impressive presentation style. This seasoned group of musicians with over two decades of experience produce a sizzling show—and the band’s dynamic, high energy sound dominates every stage they play on.

Composer, pianist, and Salsa aficionado, Marcus Hernandez was born  with an affinity for Latin music that can surely be traced to the very  molecules of his DNA. Growing up in the boroughs of New York City, he  was heavily influenced by two local Latin greats: the Grammy  Award-winning pianist Eddie Palmieri and Puerto Rican Salsa legend  Willie Rosario.  Their distinct styles cultivated his love for Salsa  which led him to learning and mastering the piano at a young age.   In  his early years as a musician, Marcus studied under Oscar Hernandez and  Gilberto Colon, and more recently with Arturo Ortiz, who was musical  director for the Ricky Martin Band and Victor Romero who has played piano for almost all the top Latin Artist.

Hernandez himself emerged on the New York City Latin scene during the  late 70’s when the Salsa movement was at an all-time high.  A major  highlight of his New York career was forming the Salsa group Fuego ’77.    The band recorded its first album of the same name, Fuego ’77, under  the Alegre label, a subsidiary of the famous Fania Records, and  Hernandez composed and arranged eight of the ten songs on the album.  Fuego ‘77 became an in-demand supporting act opening for mega Salsa  artists such as Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco, and Hector LaVoe.  The  band’s resume included performances at all the top Manhattan Salsa  venues including The Corso, Ipanema, Casa Blanca, Casino 14, and the  iconic Copa Cabana.

As his career flourished into the 1980’s, Hernandez continued  performing and working with various popular Latin artists such as  Adalberto Santiago and Rafael de Jesus.  After taking a break from  performing to focus on a business career, Hernandez moved to Florida in  2005, and found a tropical, steamy paradise ripe for the simmering  sounds of Salsa.  His new surroundings provided inspiration for his  current project, Orchestra Fuego, which has become one of the most  sought out Salsa groups in the Central Florida area.  And after more  than forty years on the Salsa scene, Marcus Hernandez is more  enthusiastic than ever about composing his own original music and  sharing his lively and refreshing arrangements of classic Salsa songs  with audiences worldwide.

Marcus Hernandez

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