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Kim Cameron





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Composer; Songwriter; Vocalist



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Kim Cameron


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Kim Cameron and Side FX are well known for exploring new sounds, combining rhythms and beats, that together, offer the unexpected. This high energy dance band made Billboard charts three times, Mediabase charts nine times, AAA and CMJ charts, showcased on Comcast Xfinity programming, and has millions of YouTube views. Their music can be heard in stores across the globe and on radio and TV (Bravo, CMTV, Fox Sports, MTV, Discovery, MUN2).

Kim performed twice for the NFL (Giants, Redskins) to an audience of more than 75,000. She has also performed for the MLB (Marlins Baseball), toured across the USA, The Caribbean, Europe and China. She was also asked to perform at the Xiamen Music  Festival in China, where she received an International Exchange Award, and was the only female asked to perform.

As a songwriter Kim has been awarded:

  • Best Female Emerging Artist of the Year

  • Album of the Year

  • Best Live Performance

  • Silver  Medal, Global Music Awards

  • Semi-Finalists Song of the Year

  • Winner  Accolade Global Film Competition

  • Best Dance Song

  • Winner of  American Songwriting award

You can hear her in stores across the globe and on radio and TV (Bravo, CMTV, Fox Sports, MTV, Discovery, MUN2).

Kim was also an award-winner for her musical HER STORY by The New York Screenplay, as well as, the Amsterdam Film Festival.  She is also the screenwriter, director, and producer of a full-length animated feature film, SEAPER POWERS.

Kim Cameron

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