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Bobby O'Neal





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Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist

American Roots; Blues; Gospel

Acoustic Guitar; Bass Guitar; Harmonica


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Jun 5, 2018

Bobby O'Neal


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Bobby O'Neal is an unsigned independent artist. Born in the Santa Clara Valley, California, Bobby began playing and singing in a garage band in the early 70's. During college, he sang at weddings at the Mission San Juan Bautista and began writing a few songs here and there.  Bobby has played in venues of just about every size from living rooms in California to churches across the country to open mics, clubs and Farmers Markets in Memphis to the clubs along Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Bobby has been playing guitar since 1972. But he does not consider himself a guitarist. He considers himself a vocalist who happens to play guitar. He volunteered and played at the very first Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California, back when he was a student at Gavilan Community College in Gilroy. 

Today, Bobby writes songs that reflect spiritual values and further the Kingdom of God. He believes each song is a gift from a loving, forgiving God. The songs posted here are not professional recordings...they are home recordings. So don't expect to hear any "auto-tune" or any fancy bells and whistles. 

One of his songs, "Choctaw Nation," was performed for a closed session of the Mississippi Choctaw Nation's Chief and her Council. It was written for her, and includes her vision for the tribe. Another, "Make This Ground Holy," is based on a prophetic Word that was given about healing deep wounds in our nation. A couple of them, "Grandad's Car" and "Tiny Little Fingers," were written for Bobby's grandchildren. Some of his writings are worship songs and some are inspired by personal experiences, or to honor friends. His musical influences vary so much that it's not a surprise to find a variety of musical styles and genres in his songwriting.

After living in Memphis, Tennessee for several years he has now settled in the Pacific Northwest. 

Bobby O'Neal

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