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Andy O





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Composer; Instrumentalist; Vocalist

American Roots;Blues;Jazz

Bass, Acoustic;Bass, Electric

Coyote Poets of the Universe


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May 28, 2018

Andy O


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Andy O and his band, Coyote Poets of The Universe, is a Denver  Colorado, based group that has been creating an exciting and emotional musical art form and a unique concert experience featuring outstanding musicianship and award winning lyrics for over a decade. The sound is fresh and fiery, not quite retro, so current, yet still reminiscent of early Zappa in spirit. The sound is exciting and appealing to all types of music lovers. An  eclectic tapestry of stringed, wind, percussion and vocal offerings, The Coyote Poets of The Universe captivate and guide you on a full force musical  journey that is at once heart-breakingly emotional as well as physically rousing joyous! 

Coyote Poets of The Universe enjoy, worldwide airplay on hundreds of broadcast, Internet, Satellite/Cable, NewAge, NPR, Jazz and CMJ stations, and critical acclaim in publications as diverse as Downbeat, JazzTimes, The Denver Post, Cadence, Progression Magazine, and Tandem / Corriere Canadese as well as,, O'S, Zone Music Reporter and many more.  Lovers of the Coyote Poets Of The Universe often hear in them strains of, The Band, Frank Zappa, The Doors as well as mid century blues greats like Big Momma Thornton and Muddy Waters.  

Andy O

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