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Amber Sweeney





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Performer; Producer; Songwriter


Guitar, Acoustic;Guitar, Electric


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Jan 11, 2018

Amber Sweeney


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Singer/Songwriter Amber Sweeney seamlessly melds folk, pop, and R&B into a languid, soulful meditation. Her easy confidence and radiant charm glide smoothly over an uplifting, airy melodic world.  Sweeney is a highly sought-after performer and songwriter whose distinctive voice draws her fans into the stories, and whose lyrics and music are long remembered. Sweeney’s voice, musical talent and songwriting have been featured in two CW television series: ONE TREE HILL and LIFE UNEXPECTED. Her voice has also been featured in Stephen King’s film adaptation of RIDING THE BULLET.

In 2013, Sweeney released two EPs: THE STARTING LINE and CHRISTMAS TIME. In 2014, her single “Lone Sailor” reached #4 on the iTunes Blues chart. In 2017 Sweeney released her first studio produced EP, BELIEVING IN LOVE. The record would come to define her signature Soul/Blues sound.

The following year, Sweeney teamed up with producer Jazzy D. to cut the single “Sweet Light”, which reached #1 on the U.K. Soul charts. Paul Miller of BBC Radio lauded the track as “one of those classic ballads we’ll be playing for years to come.” In 2019 she released the single “Beautiful,” a song for those who struggle with the idea they are not young enough, talented enough, or pretty enough to follow their dreams.

Amber Sweeney

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