Sparking Collaborations Among Indie Musicians


The IC Announces a Song and Video With 100 Artists from Around the World.


The international music organization, THE INDIE COLLABORATIVE (The IC), now boasting more than 2,000 award winning independent artists from around the world, debuted its official music video and theme song, “We’ll Stay Together” on YouTube.
“We’ll Stay Together” on Youtube. The video has already garnered more than 15,000 views at

The IC was co-founded by Rhode Island-based Grant Maloy Smith, a Billboard top 10 American Roots recording artist, and New York-based Eileen Sherman, an Emmy® winning author and musical theater lyricist.

The song has also being released as a single on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and GooglePlay. Written, edited, and produced by IC Co-founder and BILLBOARD TOP TEN American Roots singer/songwriter Grant Maloy Smith, “We’ll Stay Together,” features 100 multi-award winning IC members, whose own work represents every musical style in the world.

With their return spring engagement to Carnegie Hall postponed until April 2021 and all members’ shows cancelled, the time was right to craft a music video that celebrates the integrity, tenacity, passion, resilience and dedication of every Indie artist whether she/he is part of the classical, Latin Jazz, Rap, Spoken Word, Folk, Country, R&B, Gospel, and so many other musical worlds. Indeed, diversity in music, as well as geography, defines the organization. “We’ll Stay Together” stars an eclectic group of talent from every corner of the US as well as artists from Canada, Pakistan, Ecuador, Australia, Great Britain, India, and Sweden. Because of the magic of today’s technology, music makers from around the globe can come together to sing their anthem.
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“We support and help one another. Our genres and hometowns may be different, but we all share the same love and devotion to the music. Maybe, more important, we each understand the triumphs and the heartaches of this business, and we’re there for each other,” said Smith.

Smith, who was recently inducted into the Indie Music Hall of Fame, is a Billboard Top 10 charting American Roots artist. His album “Dust Bowl - American Stories” drew enormous critical praise, selling 30,000 copies along the way. “…songs that have the lyrics and music as potent as Woody Guthrie, as intense as John Trudell and dusted with the trials and tribulations of Tom Joad – Steinbeck and ‘The Grapes of Wrath’.” raved the Bible of American Roots Music, NO DEPRESSION magazine.

He is currently producing a new album called “Appalachia - American Stories.” Because of COVID-19, he produced the basic tracks at his studio in Rhode Island, and is conducting remote recording sessions with top players in Nashville, including Rob Ickes, Trey Hensley, Frances Cunningham, Matt Combs, Matthew Burgess and more. The co-producer of many of his singles and his most recent album, Nashville-based Jeff Silverman, is returning to the producer’s chair for “Appalachia - American Stories.”
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“It’s been a painful time for artists because of COVID-19,” said Sherman. “Not knowing when venues will reopen. Not knowing how we will pay the bills. But we pull together. But we’ve seen that IC artists from Tokyo to Tallahassee, don’t give up. They reinvent and reimagine.”

Sherman is an award-winning lyricist, playwright, and novelist. She writes musical theater with her sister, Gail Bluestone. Their Emmy Award winning television special, THE ODD POTATO, was also recorded on CD, starring 20 Tony Award winners. Music from their Norman Rockwell musical, PERFECT PICTURE has been featured at both Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Winner of the National Jewish Book Award and the International Reading Association Teachers’ Choice Award , Eileen is a young adult novelist and recently released her first audiobook. The Violin Players is now streaming on all major platforms.
At first glance, Smith and Sherman seem like an unlikely duo, but they are absolutely in sync when it comes to the mission of THE INDIE COLLABORATIVE. The two producers take great pride in the fact that whether it’s a concert at Carnegie Hall or The Bitter End, or a special project, like their soon to be published magazine, THE IC and the “We’ll Stay Together” video, their vision never wavers. It’s all about shining a spotlight on multi-award winning independent artists while fostering new and unique collaborations that cross genres, cultures, and continents.

Membership in The IC is free. Learn more at

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