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Billboard Ad - Grammy Contender Issue

Time is short this year - we have to have your order by September 1 and your album (or single or EP) cover image by September 6! But you will get your album cover, artist name and genre in Billboard magazine’s Grammy® contender issue! Note that this special issue is mailed to EVERY NARAS MEMBER as part of the cooperation between NARAS and Billboard magazine.

You could get your own small ad in Billboard, but then it will be in the back of the magazine. Full page ads, and multiple page ads are closer to the front of the magazine. There is strength in numbers, and in having your ad within the Indie Collaborative ad is your best bet for getting exposure for your Grammy submission. The on-sale date for this issue is September 21.


We divide the page into 9 spaces. You can take one or more of them according to the list below. Multiple spaces are connected together, eliminating the gap between them.

One space: $550
Two spaces: $1100 (vertical or horizontal)
Three spaces: $1650 (vertical or horizontal)
Four spaces: $2200 (2 x 2 spaces in a square)
Six spaces: $3300
Nine spaces: $5000

There is only one space left!

About The Ads

YOU DO NOT NEED TO CREATE ARTWORK! We do this for you using your album cover artwork. Then we add bold text below each one that gives your artist name and the category you’re submitted in. Below that is a link to your music (whichever URL you provide).

Larger ads like some of the ones shown below have room in the center for additional text or another image. See the ads from one page of our 2018 multiple page ad as a great reference.

We’ve done this for three years now, and have learned that Billboard sends EVERY FYC ad to NARAS for checking and approval. They check to make sure that your category is exactly correct, and that none of their guidelines are violated. It’s a simple process and it actually ensures that your category will be correct in the ad.

Place Your Ad

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Important Notes

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Sample Page of Ads For Your Reference

Here are two pages from our five-page spread last year. On the left page there is a double ad (vertical) in the top/center. On the right page there is a double ad (horizontal) at the top/right. All of the other ads are singles. Billboard is a tabloid magazine that is quite large, so even the single ads are big and legible.
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Place Your Ad


We have placed multiple page ads in 2017 and 2018 and are again this year. But we have to mention that we have to fill a page with ads in order to proceed with that page. In the unlikely event that we don’t fill a given page with ads, we will not go forward and refund all monies paid to us for that page promptly via PayPal. The Indie Collaborative accepts no responsibility in the event that a page within our overall ad is canceled.

All ads in this issue are send to NARAS by Billboard for approval. Changes that NARAS requires must be made, or Billboard will not run the ad. We have no control over this.
Due to the short timeframe this year, refunds are not possible except in the event that your project is withdrawn from Grammy contention by NARAS, and we are notified officially by Billboard of that.

Note - Indie Collaborative events are in no way associated with the Recording Academy or The Grammys®
We do not have events when Grammy voting is going on
We do not allow FYC posts or commercial posts in our Facebook group
There is no requirement to be a member of NARAS or LARAS in order to join the Indie Collaborative
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