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Luca Marcias
Milan native Luca Marcias is an in-demand guitarist and performed. He studied at the CPM Music Institute in Milan, and then launched his career as a successful instrumentalist. He is currently performing and traveling the world with the group LEVELS, made up of Americans and Italians and bringing a unique blend of funk, soul, jazz-fusion, dance, hip-hop and poetry.
Talent: Arranger; Performer; Songwriter; Vocalist
Genre: Adult Contemporary; Blues; Jazz

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Fausto Rota
Based near Milan, Fausto Rota is the founder and CEO of FR Music Agency, a company dedicated to the promotion of top quality artists from all over the world. Unconstrained by contracts and based on passion for music and the artists who make it, Fausto and his company represent artists from the USA, Italy, The UK, Germany and Australia.
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Talent: Artist Development; Manager; Promoter
Genre: Folk; Pop; Rock

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