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Next Event: Annual “Pre-Grammy” Indie Collab

January 27, 2018
12 to 4PM

Feinstein’s 54/Below
254 W 54TH ST. (downstairs), New York, NY 10019
Venue website:

To attend (includes guests, accompanists, etc.) $35
To be a headliner (performer) $75 ($40 additional)

Get your tickets now to attend the hottest Indie Music show of Grammy weekend 2018! This is an amazing and beautiful venue in the heart of Broadway. After you have purchased your tickets, you will be directed to a second page where you can
apply to perform (aka be a “headliner”) at this event. Headliner slots are 5 minutes long, and are extremely limited, so they will sell out very fast. If we get more applicants to perform than we have slots, we will do a lottery to make it fair.

Note: There is an additional charge to perform (“headline”) at this event, because of the cost of the venue. Headliner slots are limited by the time that we have inside this amazing venue. Because of this we cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will be able to be a headliner. Once the headliners are chosen by lottery they will need to pay the additional fee. If this fee is not paid within a week, they will lose their headliner slot and we will move down the list.
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WE ARE SOLD OUT! No more tickets are available. The lottery for headliners will be done during the week of November 27th, and everyone who bought a ticket and applied for a headliner slot will be notified of the results. Thank you!


Every person needs a ticket, including accompanists, managers, spouses, friends, etc. We don’t have any comp tickets available.
Due to the fast-paced nature of Indie Collab showcases, only solo, duo or trio acts are allowed. Setups must be accomplished within your entire 5 minute time slot, which means that bands are out of the question - we simply don’t have enough time for that. Backing tracks and video/multimedia are also not possible. The idea is to show your peers in an intimate and supportive setting what you are all about, and what you can do by yourself. Note - certain types of artists and industry professionals don’t (or can’t) perform alone or with only an accompanist or two. In those cases you can use your time slot to talk to the room and tell them what you do. This might apply to lyricists, for example, or music publishers, or orchestrators, etc. You can use your 5 minutes however you like, within the constraints mentioned above.

Notes for Headliner Applicants:
The terms “performer” and “headliner” are synonymous (they are the same thing). Your application to be a headliner is your acknowledgement that you understand the parameters mentioned above. You further understand that your application to be a headliner does not guarantee you a performance slot, and if you are not selected to be a headliner that you will still have the attendee ticket(s) that you purchased. You also understand that if you are selected to be a headliner, that you will need to pay an additional $40 for your own ticket, but not for the tickets of any accompanist(s) or guest(s) that you may have purchased tickets for at the regular price. You acknowledge that all guests and accompanists are required to have a regular price ticket. Tickets are not refundable except in extreme circumstances, and at the option of the Indie Collaborative.

How the Lottery Works
After the 150 available tickets to the event have been sold, assuming that we have more applicants to headline (perform) than available slots, we will conduct a lottery in order to choose the headliners. There are 22 headliner (performer) spots, so we are doing a lottery to make it fair. As soon as that happens we will notify all headliner applicants via email if they are a performer or not. But headlining or not, we encourage everyone to keep their tickets and come to the show! This time we are building in a 30 minute “networking” break in the center of the show just for that purpose - socializing and networking, without interrupting the performances!

Ticket Cancelation / Refund Policy
Headliner applicant ticket buyers who are not chosen to headline, who accordingly decide that they don’t want attend at all, can get a refund, as long as they tell us in writing via email within one week of the announcement of the headliners.
Non-headliner applicant ticket buyers who change their mind about attending can get a refund as long as they tell us by December 27th.
Any ticket buyer can get a refund up to 48 hours before the event due to extreme and unforeseen events in their lives.
All ticket buyers will be refunded automatically if the event is canceled by the Indie Collaborative for any reason.
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