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What’s Coming Up?

In 2018 we have three amazing Indie Collab events in various stages of being planned…
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January 27, 2018 NEW YORK CITY Indie Collaborative Details
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June 4, 2018 PHOENIX Indie Collaborative
Tickets not available yet
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August 25, 2018 SAN FRANCISCO Indie Collaborative
Tickets not available yet
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January 28, 2018 NEW YORK CITY Pre-Grammy Mixer
From Noon-2:30pm
Marriott Marquis
Check back for exact location. For Indie Collaborative members only, so please officially join us!

What Do Indie Collaborative Events Look Like? What Happens?

If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video tells a million. Please watch a highlight reel of a recent Indie Collab event in Hollywood, in 2016:

The Basics

Tickets to Attend or Perform
Every person needs a ticket, including performers (aka “headliners”) accompanists, managers, spouses, friends, etc. We don’t have any comp tickets available except for certain members of the press that we expressly invite.

Performance / Headliner Slots
Due to the fast-paced nature of Indie Collab showcases, only solo, duo or trio acts are allowed. Setups must be accomplished within your entire 5 minute time slot, which means that bands are out of the question - we simply don’t have enough time for that. Backing tracks and video/multimedia are also not possible. The idea is to show your peers in an intimate and supportive setting what you are all about, and what you can do by yourself. Note - certain types of artists and industry professionals don’t (or can’t) perform alone or with only an accompanist or two. In those cases you can use your time slot to talk to the room and tell them what you do. This might apply to lyricists, for example, or music publishers, or orchestrators, etc. You can use your 5 minutes however you like, within the constraints mentioned above.

Exceptions to the above can be made at the discretion of the Indie Collab. Certain venues and even structures may allow us to have one or two bands performing, because the setup time can be done without interfering with the fast-paced nature of our events. These slots are available by invitation only and are extremely limited due to the nature of our events.

Five Minutes Is Really The Limit
No matter how many times we say it, performers (aka “headliners”) have 5 TOTAL minutes to do their thing. That includes setup, tuning your guitar, adjusting your piano bench, describing the song you’re about to play, etc. If it takes you four and a half minutes to do all of that, you will have exactly 30 seconds left to play a song. Think about that! Please practice your presentation with a stop watch or timer, so that you can get your whole presentation in within the 5 minutes. This is not a concert… it’s a short showcase of what you can do, for a room full of your peers.

This is again why we simply can’t handle bands or any setup that takes more than a minute. We’ve had even 2 people come up and spend literally all of their five minutes adjusting their stools, tuning their instruments, talking amongst each other… then they are finally ready to play but they spend another 3-4 minutes talking to the crowd about the song… now we’re at the 8 minute mark and they haven’t even started yet! We can’t allow this to happen any more. PLEASE practice your five minute slot and be a total professional in how you use it. Our greatest fear is that we run behind schedule and the venue turns out the lights on us when we still have acts who have not yet performed… that would be really bad, and we never want that to happen. Sometimes the venues let us run long … sometimes they don’t. Each venue is different.

How the Lottery Works
Please see the TICKETS page for details

Ticket Cancelation / Refund Policy
Please see the TICKETS page for details

Check out Pictures from Previous Events:

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Hollywood 10 Feb 2017
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New York 28 Aug 2017
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Philadelphia 2 May 2016
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Chicago 13 June 2016
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Atlanta 29 August 2016
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Hollywood 9 Feb 2017
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New York 8 June 2015
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Los Angeles 1 Sept 2015
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Hollywood 14 Feb 2016
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Nashville 21 March 2016
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